Saturday 8 September 2018

Democrat-strength shit-house rat crazy..............from Rico

The Democrat behavior this week in Congress at the Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings demonstrates the industrial-strength "crazy as a shit-house rat" craziness.

- I hope enough people remember their behavior 60-days from now when they vote in the 2018 mid-terms.


Democrats should never, ever, be in charge of anything ever again.

- Corey Booker comparing himself to Spartacus? Oh c'mon! That was pure drama-queen theatrics, and phony into the bargain. This guy is no Spartacus, but he IS Shiticus.


And giving Kamala Harris equal credit for being just as big a BS artist, is only 'fair' don't you think?

- Both she and Booker are YUGE assholes. Democrat assholes.

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Mark Matis said...

You can take the chimp and the sheboon out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the chimp and sheboon. They's merely be practicing their fourth world culture.