Thursday 13 September 2018

Hillary - Unprosecuted Criminal item #410.........from Rico

Hillary cannot help herself, she 'swims' in a cesspit of criminality where everything she touches or gets involved in turns to it wasn't already shitty.


Here's yet one more example:

Criminal violation of Federal Campaign Finance Law


Felonia von Pantsuit moved almost one million dollars ($800,000) of money from her 2016 Campaign to ANTIFA.

- Yes, you read that right.


I guess Comey & Co. were too busy looking at non-campaign related crimes from decades ago (that mayor may not have ever happened) by anyone who had spoken to Trump to actually 'notice' yet another crime actually committed by the Clinton Crime Family, much less investigate or prosecute.


Anonymous said...

Can you post a link if possible?

No Bull said...

I don't trust Snopes any more than I trust Hillary. Can you contradict their 'false' claim on this story?