Friday, 28 September 2018

Just wait! If you think THIS was fun..........from Rico

If you think the Democrat drive-by shooting aka the Judge Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearing was fun, just wait!


Wait for the histrionics, fireworks, and whatever crappy depths the Dem's can dumpster-dive down into when Ginsdrunk is replaced!


Have popcorn, beau-coups popcorn.

- It will be a biblical, Jim Beam 10:40-1 event!


Anonymous said...

If Ruth "long in the tooth" ginsburg think's Trump is a faker that's funny. She's got him beaten by a country mile..running around telling anyone who will listen that she's a Supreme Court Justice.

She should be at home making a small batch of flavorful matzah to feed the person who might attend her impending funeral. What a "Triple C..."

Anonymous said...

this is just a warm up. when the walking dead finally stops walking it will be armagaddon. whomever trump nominates they will need 24 hour security. It will have to be a woman. even then, she will be accused of child molesting, rape, racism, being a Christian. whatever and however, it will show satan's true self. I hope whomever it is that they understand what they will be going into and have a strong Christian backbone.

Mark Matis said...

If the GOP had any honor whatsoever, if they hold the House in November, they need to take the lead from the Democrats and impeach Ginsburg and Breyer and Kagan and Sotomayor.

Unfortunately, they are instead Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill. Which is why there may indeed be a Blue wave.