Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Please allow me to introduce to you...........fron Rico

Please allow me to introduce to you Kavanaugh's 'accuser'...just in a way Schmuckie Schumer and the MSM won't.

- This is a picture of her holding a 'Not My President' sign at a protest. Not to suggest she's any more 'political' or rabidly 'partisan' than Schmuckie, the Dem's collectively, or the media whores are. Nawww...

- That said, decide for yourself, since they don't want you to be able to decide anything but rather just drink the blue kool-aid and swallow the lies you are being fed.


Now this second attachment fits the category of RUMINT so far, but if it's true...well, it adds a depth and complexity to the taste of the utter BS being spread around so liberally. Turns the 'creamy' into 'chunky' if you ask me...and oh, that ripe odor!

- The same radical whackjob sent the same letter about Gorsuch?


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Mark Matis said...

Why is this Communist still alive?