Wednesday, 26 September 2018

PSA - VOTE 2018...........from Rico

Consier this a Public Service Announcement to VOTE 2018!

- Stormy Daniels urges everyone to VOTE Democrat in 2018.

- Her creepy Porn Lawyer 'seconds that emotion' (apologies to Smokey Robinson).


Why? For what good reason?

- Beats the shit outta me, but elect the Dem's and they WILL beat the shit outta you!


Mark Matis said...

On the other hand, elect Republicans and they will ALSO beat the shit out of you.

Let's see how Kavanaugh goes before deciding whether or not to vote. The Rove Republicans and the rest of the Never Trumpers in the GOP want the party to lose to prove a point. Maybe we ought to let them get their way. And let them enjoy the civil war coming from that result. It's amazing what heads on pikes tends to do to realign one's priorities.

Anonymous said...

this pos should be disbarred from practicing law.