Tuesday 4 September 2018

Russian Communists 'Protest' Retirement Reform.........fron Rico

The irony is rich here.

- So is the schadenfreude...


Russia is planning to reform it's retirement system, calling it a "financial necessity" [read: we can't afford this] and the Communists (yes, incredibly some do remain after the USSR-experience, go figure!), of course, protest in the streets.


Protest what [?] you may well ask. Protest this:

- Russian men now retire at age 60, and women retire at age 55.

- The original reform proposal raised the retirement ages to 65 and 63 respectively, but has been 'backed off' slightly with men's retirement age remaining at 65 but women's reduced to 60.


It's not just the USA, Russia has its "free shit army" too!

- And both have large populations of ignoranuses that do not understand that someone has to pay for all the free shit (so long as it's not them).

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Mark Matis said...

I wonder how much of this is funded by Soros and the rest of the Davos and Bilderberg crowd...