Saturday, 22 September 2018

Stand and deliver? Kavanaugh VOTE Monday?..........from Rico

Is the MSM 'covering' this, or still running interference for the Dem's and their stall/run-out-the-clock gambit?


Just heard, Sen Grassley has 'extended' the 10:00am Friday to 10:00pm for Kavanaugh's accuser.


Says 'no show, no deal' by tonight and he'll call a VOTE Monday instead.

- His statement is attached, just in case you only get a selective portion of it...or a media 'interpretation' of it.


Have the Vichy Republicrat 'surrender monkeys' suddenly displayed some testicular fortitude?

- Senators not being a terribly brave lot by inclination, this may be an indication that they have concluded 'there is no there, there' and it's now safe to say "stand and deliver."


We'll know before much longer!

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