Saturday 8 September 2018

Tough call: Trust Democrats or Gas Station Sushi............from Rico

The Democrats who want "open borders" [read: come one, come all, get free shit] and "gun control" [read: we'll control the guns, all of 'em, you deplorables are on your own...but we'll protect you, pinky swear] will NOT be telling you this. [attached-Texas].

- Neither will their Comrades in the MSM.


Seriously, what kind of moron would trust these people with anything, much less their lives and liberties?

- Trust Democrats with anything, lose everything.


Mark Matis said...

The hive dwellers are fine with BOTH. And they will whinge and wail about the inevitable results, and blame it on the Deplorables.

Billll said...

In all fairness, Chicago, which is on track for about 600 homicides this year, has a closure rate for that crime of 14.5% which implies that there will be 515 homicides in Chicago alone in which no illegal alien (or anyone else) will be held responsible.