Tuesday, 18 September 2018

We have met the enemy, and he is POGO.............from Rico

Every sentient life form is aware of the famous POGO cartoon character quote "We have met the enemy..."

- however people are slowly becoming aware of the trash-filled swamp that badly needs draining to save the Republic.


Consider this: The attorney (Debra Katz) who is representing the Leftist-activist California 'Professor' accuser of Kavanaugh, just 'happens' to be...Vice-Chair of the board of Soros-funded POGO (Project on Government Oversight).


Well, I am shocked! Shocked I tell you to discover that...once again...that rotten Hungarian Soros i$ behind the political 'hit' on SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh.

- Hungary kicked Soros out of Hungary, and it's overdue that the US kick Soros out too.


Myself, I would have had him arrested and deported for funding the destruction of Ferguson to the tune of $33 million, but attempting to fuck with the Supreme Court is worse.

- We have met the enemy, and it's not so much POGO as it is SOROS.


Ed G. Mann said...

Soros wasn't tossed out of Hungry, he fled. He is still wanted for war crimes there. Hungry's government will try him and probably hang him.

Mark Matis said...


We have met the enemy, and he is the Communists.

Every one of them.

Kill them all.

And kill their enablers.

Because, if you haven't figured it out yet, THAT is what they intend to do to YOU.