Monday, 24 September 2018

Welcome to the Progressive Dark Age.............from Rico

The regressive "progressives" have ruined everything they have touched.

- Education is now indoctrination. Socialist indoctrination.

- The NFL is no longer entertainment, but another vehicle for Leftist 'political activism.'

- The Supreme Court, one of the last vestiges of the Constitutional Republic is now under attack by them.


None of this 'just happened' or is by 'happenstance' or 'coincidence' IS enemy action, and the assault is intentional, witting, and willful.

- The graduated phasing-out of national sovereignty, the corporatization/commoditization of everything, the debt-enslavement of everyone, and the displacement of populations and the replacement of cultures to impose a fake smiley-face, gender-neutral (but anti-male), non-oppressive (but kill whitey), Disneyesque false reality (destroy Western values) by the Cultural Marxists who are Stalin's heirs is exactly what we are witness to today.


This spiral of humanity into the shithole...and new Dark Age...of "Progressivism" is not a self-correcting tail-spin.

- It must be rejected, and fought against at every turning and at all times, or the 'joke' Q: What did Socialists use before candles? [A: electricity] will become a sad reality when the light of civilization goes out.

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