Thursday, 13 September 2018

Yoohoo! Oh Leftards! You called down the thunder.............from Rico

I am 'deplorable' and you Leftards are sadly mistaken about me.

- You have mistaken me for someone who gives a shit about you.

- You have mistaken me for someone who will take any shit from you.


You have all proven beyond doubt or debate that you are liars, cheats, and untrustworthy crap-weasels of the lowest order.

- Why should I 'listen' to one.single.thing you tell me I should think when I am perfectly capable of thinking for myself?


I now completely ignore, and have no use for, and/or no longer use:

- Democrats, the MSM, Netflix, Hollywood, Google, Facebook (or any social media) and all SJW's.


You have no 'power' over me, and I will cede you no power over me. None.

- I am a free American, and a proud deplorable, so just piss off! [read: You have pissed me off!]




PS - You called down the thunder!

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