Friday 12 October 2018

AZ Dem 'flake' wants to replace Flake in Senate...........from Rico

I hope people have been paying attention to the candidates the Democrats have been presenting for the 2018 mid-terms.

- There are a lot of radical Socialists calling themselves 'Social Democrats' hoping to pull a grand bait-and-switcheroo by running as Democrats. [As if the Dem's hadn't gone far Left enough as it is.]


Arizona, which had been saddled with two of the penultimate RINO assholes we've seen for years (John McCain and Jeff Flake) currently has a real "beaut" hoping to take Flake's Senate seat.

- AZ Democrat candidate Sinema.


This piece of work was a radical Code Pink activist before becoming a Democratic candidate.

- But it gets even better!


Remember that Lawyer who was convicted of 'helping' a real terrorist, Lynn Stewart?

- She and Sinema were palsy-walsy, and they BOTH are terrorist supporters.


Roughly half of AZ voters currently support candidate Sinema.

- Arizona, if you're stupid enough to elect this Socialist wretch as your Senator, then you deserve her...but the rest of America deserves so much better.

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Anonymous said...

And just when you thought that Arizona could NOT do worse than the last 2 they she comes!