Monday, 8 October 2018

California: The disease of "progressivism" struck first.........from Rico

"Sanctuary State" California is Democratic "run" and their socialist "dream" is purely third-world stuff.

- Welcome to the Dystopian Republic of Shitholio!


Under their "dream" illegals cannot be deported, and even street people get ~$800/month in welfare, free cell phones, immunity from the police, free health care, free clothes, etc. [Read: Free meaning taxpayer-funded.]

- In return, taxpayers get 'free' Typhus and Hepatitis A. [Read: Free meaning they paid for it after voting for it.]


Did I say Typhus? Why yes, I did.

- While Typhus is now considered endemic in Eastern Africa and parts of South and Central America, California has lead the way in embracing CHANGE and joined their ranks.


Downtown LA has a flea-borne Typhus epidemic that has now spread to Pasadena.

- There's a small Hepatitis A outbreak, too which is not being reported.


California dreamin' has become the California nightmare...

- Remember on Nov 6th that Democrats aka Liberalus Pestus Democraticus can (and wants to) do this for you, too. 

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