Thursday 4 October 2018

[D] Avenatti-Swetnik 2020?........from Rico

Let's face it, the Democrats are no longer the party of Truman or JFK, they are out of ideas and have gone full Marxist (redundancy unavoidable).

- They are dead as a national political party, and can only brow-beat, bully, bray, and resort to Antifa tactics to even be noticed.


That being the case, why NOT run a ticket like Avenatti-Swetnik 2020?

- Or, consider a three-way ticket...Avenatti-Stormy-Swetnik in 2020? We know Avenatti has 'tastes' that fit, and Swetnik we have just learned has liked 'three-ways' since her high school days, and Stormy? Well, this whole thing is playing out like one of the plots from an adult film of hers.


Just imagine the campaign ads!

- When the pizza delivery boy (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Kavanaugh) is met at the door by Stormy, she says she 'doesn't have enough money to pay for the pizza.'

- Stormy asks room mate Swetnik if she has any money? The reply is "no, but maybe we can work 'something else' out?" [note: Cheesy porno music starts playing in the background]


And the viewing audience doesn't notice that "just like that, nobody was talking about Russian collusion."

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