Sunday, 7 October 2018

Democrats: Smart in school, dumb on the bus............from Rico

America's Democrats are sparing no effort to 'prove' to not-insane voters they are unfit to hold any elected office.

- Their latest 'smart in school, but dumb on the bus' gambit could be called [multiple choice]:

a. Doubling-down on stupid.

b. Shovel-ready to show how low they can go.

c. Wanking with both hands to a fantasy of impeaching Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh (while trying to gain a stroke).

d. A major factor in getting their collective asses kicked.

e. All of the above.


I am NOT making this up. Can you not hear Lewis Black screaming his trademark "You have GOT to be shitting me!!!"

- The Democrats just announced that IF they win control in the 2018 mid-terms, they are going to 'investigate' Kavanaugh.




Well, they put their chance of getting elected right where their mouth is. We'll see what happens in a few weeks.

- I'm betting that the "deplorables" are not tired of winning any more than the ignoranuses of "the resistance" seem to be tired of being losers.

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cannon said...

a couple of thoughts ...

the left went all in to try to maintain control of the SCOTUS because it was the only way they could get major change in this country accomplished.
if you think about it, EVERY major agenda which has taken this country towards the left has come from the courts, after legislation failed.
now they are willing to risk losing the midterms to run against Kavanaugh trying to oust him and regain their best tool for change.

the protesters are the tool of the old establishment, the democrats, the rhino establishment republicans, and the main stream news media.
in other words, the old school powers that be.
so how is it they call themselves "the resistance"???? what they are resisting is change they themselves have been seeking for years. it's just not the change in the direction they wanted.
seems to me they should be called "the establishment" and we on the MAGA right should be called "the insurgency" because we are seeking to (peacefully) overthrow the existing power stricter.