Monday, 1 October 2018

Kavanaugh Kabal: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.............from Rico

Let's see, hot on the heels of Sen Flake being a flake re: the Kavanaugh Klown Kabal, what has happened?


- Kavanaugh Accuser#4 has been referred to the FBI for felony criminal prosecustion [read: lying to the Senate].

- Kavanaugh Accuser#1's D.. Attorneys will face a DC BAR investigation.

- Kavanaugh Konspirator Sen ChiFi is to be investigated for her 'leak' of a conficential letter from Accuser#1.


Next up?

- Maxine Waters staff for DOXXING GOP members of the Judiciary during the Judiciary hearings.


Not to be forgotten:

- Kavanaugh Accuser#3 [gang-rape girl] AND her self-declared candidate for president 2020 hisself, scumbag porn lawyer Avenatti.


And these won't be the last.

- Sing along to Bachman Turner Overdrive with me:


"You ain't seen nothing's something that you're never gonna forget..."


Mark Matis said...

I hate to break this to you, but this country's "Law Enforcement" and its "Legal" system are not going to do jack shit to ANYONE you mentioned in this post.

You really ought to move your lips away from that pig dick long enough to see what's REALLY going on. I understand that you prefer your coffee and donuts filtered, but Jesus Christ Almighty, how God damned fucking stupid ARE you???

Anonymous said...

and the lying bitch Ford should be charged with perjury. not one word she said can be corroborated. every witness, under oath, has said the exact opposite of what she claims. she lied under oath to ruin a man's career and life. for him to have justice she needs to be prosecuted so that no one in the future will even think of doing the same thing to an innocent person.