Tuesday 2 October 2018

Leave the driving to Google?.........from Rico

Leave the driving to Google? They are at the forefront of autonomous (self-driving) vehicles.

- Uh, no thanks! I trust Google even less than I do the government...


To put in plainly, YOU are either the vehicle's driver, or you are NOT.

- If you are not in control of your vehicle, then you are merely the 'stuffing' inside a vehicular turducken...and an expensive one at that.


Thanks to the nanny state and her minions, the automotive industry has moved backwards in style since 1970 and ahead in cost. Way ahead!

- And they have suckered the suckers into not only paying for it, but accepting the idea.

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Mark Matis said...

I hate to break this to you, but if you have any of the drive-by-wire vehicles, you are NOT really in control of your vehicle. As hackers have already shown several times.