Saturday 6 October 2018

Left breaks like the wind over Kavanaugh........from Rico

I have 'plans' for this Saturday nite, thanks to Irish of the Feral Irishman [first attachment].

- I kid you not! I'm doing this! [front porch, beer, red cup, Kavanaugh confirmed: check all]


I will, however, not play "Dixie" too loudly while I'm doing this.

- I have one neighbor who is a Commie twinkletoes cocksucker, and I want to be able to hear him weeping off in the distance. Broken-hearted.


Which segues perfectly to the Earl of Taint [second attachment] who reminded me of a nearly-forgotten school boy rhyme. Yes, I said 'boy' not to be confused with the feminized 'soy boy' variety the Left has made so abundantly common today.

- The confirmation of Kavanaugh does indeed leave the Left sitting broken-hearted. They tried to shit on Kavanaugh, but only farted.


Into the wind, at that.

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