Saturday 6 October 2018

Oh, it WAS a "test" all right, just not what you thought was being tested..........from Rico

Understand that I am not a Luddite.

- I use technology that works for me [e-mail; internet], but try to avoid technology that enslaves me and puts me into the digital control grid of Big Brother [read: the digital gulag of any device called "smart"].


With the understanding that anything that can be digitized is databased, but without digressing into facial recognition, biometric data, shared social media information, and the implications of China's "social credit" program as a digital governmental control mechanism, we'll discuss here only that FEMA test alert from the other day.


The FEMA Alert Test.

- It WAS a "test" but less a test of the emergency broadcast system than of the ability to know where you are, and who you are.

- The implicit message is "we can find you."


Doubt me? Here's how it works:

- FEMA has co-opted the E911 chip in your smart phone and can access it at will.

- This gives them access to everything on your phone (phone logs, social media, texts, e-mails, photo's) and control of every function on your phone (camera, microphone, etc), plus yourlocation.

You cannot disable, block, uninstall, or opt out.


Such a deal!

- How "smart" is it to trade convenience for digital slavery?

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Anonymous said...

Access away. I don't text, take pictures or have my friends on my phone. In fact it is usually shut off and sitting on the counter at home and it was during the test.