Wednesday 31 October 2018

The Enemies of Nation States and Secure Borders..............from Dan T

One of the most enjoyable consequences of candidate Trump’s election to the US Presidency is watching the hysterical reaction of America hating ‘progressives’ at home and abroad. 

It’s a wonder to behold how this businessman turned politician can carry on with his ‘putting America first’ agenda in the face of a twenty-four-hour assault by the mainstream media as directed by his enemies in Congress, its establishment and the deep state.

It’s not only his enemies at home that are gnashing their teeth with frustration and anger. The globalist ‘one world’ fanatics at the United Nations and the European Union are experiencing a similar apoplectic meltdown as he dismantles their plan for a borderless world.

Their apoplexy is compounded by the British people voting to leave the European Union in the Brexit referendum and take back control of their country and their borders. As recent elections have shown, this has emboldened other members of the EU to embrace nation state democracy and take back their sovereignty and with it control of their borders.  

The ideology of the ruling elite that run the supranational institutions is deeply embedded in their subconscious. This renders them incapable or unwilling to understand the desire of individuals to live their lives in liberty, free from oppressive, remote governments. They also cannot understand an individuals’ love of their country, their culture and their way of life.

When one listens and reads what these supranational leaders have to say about borders and mass immigration it puts the migrant caravan that is currently on its way to assault the borders of the United States into perspective.

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