Saturday 6 October 2018

The 'Blue Wave' is now Shit-on-a-shingle.............from Rico

The Dem's (C) have put so much effort into re-writing and trying to change history, that they do not know it.

- Their last-minute 'orchestrated smear' and 'sneak attack' on Kavanaugh will not only live in infamy, but they have awoken a sleeping giant. And now there is a 'red voter' behind every blade of grass just itching to get a piece of their ass.


If they 'knew' their history (instead of imagining it) they'd know Americans do not respond well to sneak attacks.

- And by openly going Tora-tora-tora on Kavanaugh like they just have, the Donks (C) just turned any remote chance of a 'blue wave' into burnt shit-on-a-shingle instead.


Eat hearty, assholes!

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