Wednesday 7 November 2018

2018: The 'Blue Wave' that Wasn't..........from Rico

Tell me again about that "Blue Wave" gramps!

- Well son, it wasn't so much of a "Blue Wave" as a wave of perverts, scumbags, and Commie rat, Democrats.


Special kudo's to CCCP Minnesnowta, for actually electing a Muslim-Marxist-AntiSemite-Black Racist and woman beater to Attorney General, and  Muslim who was/is married to her brother to represent them Congress.

- Overall, while Nazi Pelosi and company 'celebrate' their 'kinda-sorta' mid-term big win, remember that they are celebrating the election of a Commie, Lesbians, Ragheads, and Peter Puffers.


Wonderful. Just wonderful...

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Anonymous said...

WTF are you blokes up to?