Tuesday 13 November 2018

Election Laws: Break in Emergency............from Rico

Arizona is no longer content to be Commiefornia-lite, and has 'elected' a pink-tutu wearing radical Code-pink, Taliban-supporter, Communist Party-USA, DEMOCRAT to the Senate.

- WTF?


In all fairness, McSally would have been just another RINO like Flake or McPain, and at least Sinema is out of the Communist closet.

- Way out.


BUT the Left is one seat closer to adding control of the Senate to its control of the House.

- Pay attention.


How did they 'do' it? By stealing and cheating.

- AZ has 'emergency voting centers' that were used to illegally inflate/pad the Democrat (C) vote.


In Democrat-infested areas apparently all election laws have a warning label that says "Break in case of emergency."

- With 'emergency' being defined as "oh shit, we lost."

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MMinWA said...

The only silver lining is if you're not aware now that the voter fraud is turned up to 11 and will be cranked even high er 2020, then FOAD.