Friday 2 November 2018

Global GDP (productivity) in perspective...........from Rico

It's easy to lose sight of who the 'makers' are vs who the 'takers' are with all of the noise and disinformation from the benighted among us.

- Let's put the economic globe in perspective.



- The top 10 economies in the world, who you see there and who you do not.

- Now look at the relative scale of the world's economies, with the same filter....shows vs no-shows.

- Last, the actual land mass of those economies 'corrected' from the misleading Mercator projection we're all used to seeing.


It's time for the tail to stop trying to wag the dog...

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sykes.1 said...

The GDP data quoted are nominal and misleading. For example, using ppp data, Russia’s GDP is 10% larger than Germany’s. Any objective listing of what the Russian economy actually produces, like a manned space program, vs. what Germany’s does shows that Russia indeed has the larger econy.