Wednesday 28 November 2018

Know Your Enemy - Part 2......................from Rico

Think: Making LIES the TRUTH
The kollective Left, in particular the Media, is heavily invested in pushing a false agenda [read: Fake News] that includes poor starving refugees being made into 'victims' by the evil racist Americans...and Trump. 
That the LEFT stages hoax photo opportunities and presents them as spontaneous and real speaks volumes.
- So does the virtually identical way they present their 'angle' from multiple outlets.
Consider the plight of the poor 'starving' refugees [read: freeloaders] from other countries yearning for the 'right' of free EBT courtesy of American this starving woman checking her iPhone.
- Yup! Somehow the Left considers that she has a basic Constitutional 'right' to pursue as many rolls of fat as possible, all paid for citizens supposedly under said [American] Constitution.
- Nossiree! That's somehow not something you need to know about or think about, so you get crickets from the Media again. This speaks volumes, too.
None of the Media teleprompter readers, parrots, and Lefty stooges are worth listening to on any topic, and they aren't worth a Tinker's Damn...kollectively OR individually.

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