Tuesday 27 November 2018

Liberals: FAKE outrage, REAL lies.............from Rico

Here is a very small example of how "liberals-progressives" [read: Leftist assholes] tell REAL lies and demonstrate FAKE outrage.
1. The Leftard political cartoon poking Trump and his Wall, lies by omission:
- The Berlin Wall was intended to keep people IN, and under the rule of the Communists.
- Trump's Wall is intended to keep 3-rd world invaders and wanna-be Democrat voters OUT.
2. Hillary saying the Muslim Brotherhood is peaceful should be all the proof you need that they are anything but peaceful.
- SHE is congenitally incapable of either recognizing...or telling...the TRUTH.
3. And the kept-whores and presstitutes of the MSM are no better than Hillary. They have their thongs in a twist and made a really big deal over the death of Kashoggi, and I believe they are in genuine distress. Why? Not for the reasons "oh, the humanity" you might think.
- They accidentally-on-purpose 'forgot' to tell anyone that this Kashoggi asshole was not only a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but he was their main propagandist (he was never a journalist), he never had a Green Card and was a foreign national, plus in his spare time was an active violent Jihadist. [Do you 'see' why the Left is so grief-stricken to lose him?; Myself, I think however he was terminated was more merciful than he actually deserved.]

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