Friday 16 November 2018

May the Lord Have Mercy On Her Lying Treacherous Soul..............from Dan T

Theresa May was appointed Prime Minister by her globalist colleagues with a single objective in mind: to overturn the result of the Brexit referendum and keep Great Britain locked inside the corrupt and failing European Union (EU).

Her recently announced draft Withdrawal Agreement is being spun as the ‘best deal for Britain’ which respects the result of the referendum and leaves the so-called non-negotiable red lines intact. It is also being spun as being the result of a complex two-year negotiation with intransigent bureaucrats who were dedicated to protecting the integrity of the EU institutions.

Unfortunately for Mrs. May the British people remember her deviousness and propensity for lying that were a hallmark of her six-year tenure as Home Secretary. These dubious traits are hard wired into her treacherous heart and were in place when she took over the Premiership.

Far from being the result of a tough negotiation with intransigent bureaucrats the Withdrawal Agreement was concocted under the radar by her close coterie of advisers and civil servants led by fanatical Europhile, Ollie Robbins, in conjunction with the very same bureaucrats.

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