Friday 2 November 2018

Progressives Are Using Mass Immigration To Destroy America.......................from Dan T

The disastrous and bloody consequences of opening the borders to mass immigration from the third world into western democracies is there for all to see. The rape, murder and violent criminal activities being visited upon the law abiding citizens of the host nations is the visible aspect of the disaster but the less visible aspect should give equal cause for concern.

The incompatibility and the declared refusal of some immigrants to integrate along with their continual demands that the host nations give up their long established Judeo-Christian heritage and cultural practices to accept alien and often barbaric ones has had the effect of degrading the very fabric of the developed nation states.

A borderless world with free movement of people anywhere and everywhere, and the subsequent degradation of western civilization, is the declared intention of the UN/EU global political elite and judging by the actions of their surrogates in the national legislatures they are determined to make it happen.

Since no one in their right mind would emigrate from the prosperous developed nations to the more poor and uncivilized corners of the world, mass immigration is always going to be one way traffic until the host nation resembles the ones that were left behind.

The existence and unrestrained proliferation of welfare financed, mono-cultural ghettos in towns and cities across the western world are a clear demonstration of this fact. Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands etc. are examples of entire countries that have degraded beyond recognition from a decade or so ago. (See here)

The global political elite are so determined to effect the destruction of America and western civilization they not only frame legislation in favour of the incomers and against their own citizens, they also use every insult in their playbook to demonise and smear anyone who even questions their agenda.

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(Since immigration and border control are hot election issues its worth  re-issuing this from two years ago to show that bugger all has changed during that time)

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Anonymous said...

What we are witnessing is an invasion , please refer to it correctly thank you. These people will do the job of electing democrats to rule over them and us . Please vote like your republic depends on it because it does and will every time another election is held. They do not deserve to be elected to any level in our republic.