Thursday 29 November 2018

The 'Fun and Games' is about over with..................from Rico

It's been all "Fun and Games" for years under the corrupt  Democrats, but the time of "Law by Rulers" is about over and the "Rule of Law" is about to return.
- It's time for some biblical "eye for an eye" paybacks.
You probably have heard the expression "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye*" and you have certainly observed the Democrats blithely ignoring rules and laws as if there would never be any consequences, it's about damned time for some consequences.
- Let the Treason Trials commence! 
*In ancient Roman wrestling there was only one rule (unlike modern Democrat politics where there are no rules)..."no eye gouging." The only way to be disqualified as a Roman wrestler was to poke someone's eye out. In a Constitutional Republic, with a "Rule of Law" Treason is disqualifying and puts your lights out, not your eye.

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