Sunday 4 November 2018

Things: marginally useful, useless, useless and harmful..........from Rico

While to many trigonometry has uses, it is marginally useful to most.

- Today marks the 50th anniversary of my never having once used it...making it useless to me.


And, looking back over the past 50 years, I also realize the Democrats have been, at best, useless to America.

- 1968 or 2018, they remain useless malcontents unable to positively contribute to the Republic (which they delight in conflating with 'democracy' which it is not, but only what they 'wish' it were).


Then there are the useless and harmful things, like George Soros, Globalist-Communist, who will fund anything and everything damaging and destructive to Western civilization.

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Smyril said...

if you have not used trigonometry in fifty years, then you have done nothing in fifty years

or you are simply oblivious