Wednesday 14 November 2018

[Tuesday has passed...] Rumor has it....................from Rico

Well, Tuesday has passed and Ginsdrunk is still with us.
- That's the thing about specificity in either happens, or it does not happen.
That said, other RUMINT has it that she will retire by January or in January. We'll see...
In 1999 she was treated for colon cancer, and in 2009 for pancreatic cancer.
- Press reports (few, but credible) are that melanoma has re-appeared.
Tick-tock, she's on her way way, or another.
- Is the reason for the scorched-earth, black flag "take no prisoners" desperation by the Left [read: Democrats (C)] a little 'clearer' now?
-----original message-----
Rumor has it that Justice Ginsdrunk will step down from her SCOTUS seat next Tuesday.
- Source is credible, and date was very specific. We will see, and do not have long to wait.
Stories being floated in the MSM how RBG is 'back at work' after falling and breaking three ribs the other day (at her age) are a smoke-screen.
- The re-emergence of her cancer is not mentioned by the press.
Eventually she will have to hang up her Leftist spurs.
- Now with a split Senate, or next year with a majority Trump Senate "What difference doe it make?" [read attached: ahem].
Then there is this to consider: The American Left may have pushed things 'too far' (as they tend to do) by openly trying to steal the FL and AZ elections from the voters.
- This would not be the first election to be decided by the Supreme Court.
- With 3.5 million more registered voters than eligible voters in the US, plus the Lefturd tendency to manufacture votes out of thin air, something has to give.

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