Monday 26 November 2018

What voting fraud?...................from Rico

The PR branch of the DNC denies it [read: the alphabet MSM], as do all good Democrats, but they know better...Hell's bell's, we ALL know better.
What election/voting fraud you ask?
- Commiefornia answers!
And Florida's Dade & Broward counties approve this message.
This is exactly why (and how) America became surrounded by assholes [read: Democrats].

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Sabre22 said...

I wonder if you remember a few weeks before the election the California DMV "caught" the fact that 1,500 illegal aliens were registered to vote. well it seems like them missed more than a few like by a factor of 1,000 i am willing to be over 1.5 million illegal aliens are registered to vote in California. A simple solution to the Drivers license issue for illegals (if they must have a drivers license THAT IS) Would be to give them an international Drivers license. This could be used as a Photo ID but NOT for voting. That would make it harder for elections to be stolen. anyway.