Sunday 9 December 2018

Actual Competence [Trump] vs. Incompetent BS [Democrats & RINO's].....................from Rico

After eight years of HOPIUM happy horse-shit from that Communist twinkletoes Barry Omoron, after a mere two years we can reach out and touch some very tangible CHANGE thanks to Trump and the competent crew he has assembled to replace the "well, in theory this should work" incompetent nincompoops of the prior mis-administration.
Take a good look at the list Sean Hannity has compiled, you've probably NOT seen this in print or on TV. It simply does NOT fit the false narrative being pushed "orange man BAD; Red Queen Hillary (or Barry, if you swing that way) GOOD."
- All of this accomplished with the "Swamp Things" [read: MSM, Democrats, RINO's, the unelected-entrenched Deep State, and Professors from the Halls of Macadamia] arrayed against him and 'resisting' tooth-and-nail every inch of the way.
If I were Trump, I'd not worry about the enemies in front of me, but would worry instead about assholes like the above behind me.

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