Friday 7 December 2018

Chelsea Football Club – A Platform for Millionaire Cultural Marxists.................from Dan T

If I thought I could escape the commie propaganda machine by watching a game of Premier League football I was very much mistaken. The advertising hoardings surrounding the pitch at the Stamford Bridge ground continually flashed the message ‘Support Chelsea, Support Equality’ which detracted from the spectacle on the field of play. 

Equality is one of the words beloved by socialists and their fellow travellers which they use to justify confiscating other peoples’ money. A person having more money or material possessions than his neighbour is perceived to be a crime against society regardless of how much sweat and blood were expended in their acquisition.

The political activists that have infiltrated all aspects of life, including sport, couldn’t resist the opportunity to push their politically correct agenda onto a captive audience of forty-one thousand football enthusiasts.

Although the campaign was primarily to promote homosexuality, according to research most of sporting crowds in this day and age couldn’t less about who a person sleeps with, but they do associate the word equality with income and wealth.

These cultural Marxists are either too dumb or too wrapped up in their ideology to see the irony and hypocrisy of preaching equality to a majority working class audience at a football club owned by a Russian multi-billionaire and where the players on display are multi-millionaires themselves.

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sofa said...

fook those chelsea commies.
-from craven cottage

sofa said...

We have his old manager. Now, Roman needs to send His money over to craven cottage! EQUALITY

Anonymous said...

Soccer....a game modeled after an impotent man masturbating....

Daniel Thomas said...

Mohammed al-Fayed was Fulham's own Roman Abramovich until he sold out to multi-millionaire Shahid Khan.

I prefer a game of rugby myself.