Thursday 20 December 2018

Congress: Rewarding Friends, Punishing Enemies..................from Rico

Congress is only too happy to send $10 billion in Foreign Aid to Mexico and Central America. At least we know who their friends are! Great idea Congress...Make Mexico Great Again using US Taxpayer dollars.
- I guess they are "rewarding" them for the 'caravans' they have so generously provided to America, huh?
Yet at the same time, these same Uniparty [read: RINO's & Dem's] crapweasels refuse to 'fund' $5 billion for a Border Wall. At least America knows who is not its friend.*
- I guess they are "punishing" Trump for not being one of them, and getting a little "payback" against the American voters who elected Trump. Make America Suffer Again...that's the only Democrat "plan" aside from Bring us the head of Donald Trump.
*Standy for the Dem's to 'push' for Gun Control a la Venzuela [read: disarm those NRA domestic terrorists, but give MS-13 the vote] and a repeal of those tax cuts...or 'crumbs' as Nasty Pelosi called them (they want their 'crumbs' back).

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