Friday 7 December 2018

Deadheads and Gen Flynn..................from Rico

After more than three decades of honorable service, including five years in combat, Gen Mike Flynn was set-up by the Obamunists.
- Dan Bongino sums it all up perfectly, and so simply, even a Libtard should be able to grasp what really happened.
It's really pathetic when the Democrats [call them progressives, liberals, or whatever...they are Communist assholes] and their most 'original' thoughts are stolen from a San Francisco drug band, the Grateful Dead. I think this makes Democrats today 'Deadheads.'
- Here are the lyrics from the Grateful Dead's song "Truckin":
"...Set up like a bowling pin
Knocked down, it gets to wearing thin..."

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Mr. Bee said...

Shocked that these people didn't adopt the Hillary tactic. Everything they ask you about you say "I don't remember".