Sunday 9 December 2018

"Get OFF Our Backs" Riots Spreading..............from Rico

I recently said 'keep an eye on Paris'...but it turns out that the riots have spread to Belgium and the Netherlands too.
- Meanwhile, back in Paris on Sunday (9 Dec) the last report I heard was that there had been 1,400 arrests.
To reiterate: The riots are NOT about hiking the petrol tax at the pumps in la belle Fwance. Nor are the riots spreading for that reason, either.
- The "invisibles" [think: deplorables aka the little people] are fed up with being abused, sold-out, and forced to support and pay for their own replacement and cultural genocide by their so-called 'leaders' [think: parasites].
However the lying FAKE media presents it, these riots are GET OFF OUR BACKS riots.
- Macron and the muscle-heads from Brussels are hiding behind their walls. They 'know' the truth...

( Italy Too)

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Mark Matis said...

The tribe does not like this, which is why the Media presents as it does.

But then you do not have the guts to admit the truth about the tribe, do you? THEY are the sewage behind almost all the true evil in the world today, regardless of whether it's the illegal alien terrorist invasions across the West, or forced homosexualization or the removal of God from public life. But you, like most other cucks, refuse to admit the truth.