Monday 31 December 2018

Grave Dancing Democrats.................from Rico

There have been too many casualties of the Democrat's 'Open Borders - Bridges Not Walls' folly.
- And the bodycount of murdered American citizens keeps rising...just like gun-controlled Chicago.
Now we have a Government shutdown because of Democrat unwillingness to (a) do the right thing, (b) secure the border, and (c) well...Orange man bad.
- Did I say the Democrats were grave-dancing? Let's be precise and say doing the HULA on the graves of Americans. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU Pelosi while you enjoy that $wanky Hawaiian resort vacation! [h/t Earl who suggests Nancy is 'surveying' the shutdown's damage to Hawaii; such noble self-sacrifice by a public servant.]
Here's a 'thought' you political corksnockers!
- Fund (and build) the Wall - Scumbags!

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