Friday 21 December 2018

It's a BIG Club, and Mitch McConnell is in it............from Rico

Mitch McConnell is the leading RINO in the Senate, one of the senior crapweasels in the crapitol, and he is the poster boy for the GOPe (GOP establishment aka RINO's) which aspires to be more like the Democratic Socialists than the Party of Lincoln.
- I have always considered him to be pretty useless (except for the Democrats) and an oxygen thief, his only positive attribute being his exhalation of CO2 to support plant life.
My point? He's a pretty leaky vessel to put much faith in, and I'm doubtful he possesses the testicular fortitude to push the House's just passed border wall funding through the Senate (Chamber of Commerce might spank).
- I'd bet Vegas odds on a Government shut down, not that that would be any great loss to any American taxpayer. It's not just a tragedy though, but national suicide to NOT build that wall.

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