Thursday 6 December 2018

Mis-reporting? Mis-direction? A Detour from facts either way...................from Rico

The "Yellow Vest Riots" in gay Paree have been universally mis-represented by the Media as being about a piddling increase in the 'fuel tax' to mis-direct one to think that Froggie is too cheap to pay a little bit more for his petrol. Not exactly.
- This reporting is an intentional detour away from the facts and the truth of the matter.
The reality is that there were a series of punishing and completely bullshit 'Climate Change' tax hikes meant by TPTB to force Mr. Frenchy away from fossil-fuels and into either EV (battery-powered electric golf carts aka electric vehicles and/or shoe-leather) to 'save the planet' blah-blah-blah.
- Pierre told the Regime to 'pound le sand' in no uncertain terms...but that does not fit the Media narrative, so that is NOT what all y'awl are being told.
Dixon Diaz "gets it"...the Left never stops, it is never enough for them, and one should ask 'what is next' from these control freaks?

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