Sunday 30 December 2018

Shutdown-shmutdown. Meh! SFW!..........from Rico

Democrats (C) and their captive MSM (C) LOVE to scream bloody murder and the end of the world over Government Shutdowns.

- Well, in fairness, it THEM. For the happy taxpaying slobs aka 'deplorables' it's alternately "meh!" and/or "so fucking what?"


Seriously, when has a Government shutdown had any effect upon anything...or anyone not suckling on the taxpayer's teat?

- Go ahead, give me one example. I'll wait...


Look at the NPR* chart attached for a guide to recent Government shutdowns. Try to recall: Did a single one matter or have any consequencewhatsoever? least to Joe and Jane Deplorable (I'm not counting the 'elites' who always work contrary to the interests of their happy tax-donkeys in the best of cases).

- Apart from providing for the National Defense, the balance of Government should be shutdown permanently, for all it does is intrude itself into the lives of citizens who have been so dumbed-and-beaten down that they have stopped asking the Government "why is that any business of yours?"


*NPR: Taxpayer-funded Leftist-Statist propaganda organ used as a media Judas-goat to lead the sheeple.

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