Monday 3 December 2018

The COMEY Files..................from Rico

You are known by the company you keep.
- Ad erratum est: If you voluntarily keep company over a long time with shit heels, then YOU likely are a shit heel too.
Loyal 'swamp critter' COMEY had five folders of 'Child Sex Crimes' harvested from Anthony Weiner's laptop...the laptop his wife, Huma Abedine [Hillary side-kick and Princess of the Muslim Brotherhood].
- True copies of the original documents are attached FYI.
Connecting some dots, it's not just 'Anthony the Weiner' who had some deviances but his wife Huma who was the paramour of 'Hillary the Lesbian.' 
- We don't need to mention Bill's aka 'Free Willy' track record in this area, it's too well known.
Instead let's talk about convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his close friendship with both Bill and Hillary. Jeffie keeps a private island called "Orgy Island" and often flies VIP's/guests there on his private jet called "The Lolita Express."
- Bill has flown on the Lolita Express no less than 26 times according to FBI records.
- Cankles has flown on the Lolita Express at least 6 times according to FBI records.
Unbelievable? Attached is Jeffie's mugshot from his arrest for Pedophilia (he was convicted and served time, btw) along with Page One of his 22-page long Palm Beach arrest/charge sheet.

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MMinWA said...

Souls as black as night.

You only need to look at their pasty husks to see how the evil has eaten them up.