Tuesday 18 December 2018

There is a 'message' here.................from Rico

Not just in the USA, but Britain, France, Belgium, Italy...and now Canada.
- The peasants are revolting [cue Soro's voice: they certainly are!]. Why?
There is a 'message' here, do you hear it?
- America: Do you remember how shabbily you were dealt with when your President(s) were 'one of them?' The 'elites' who have goobered-up things almost to total fubar while raping your freedoms (and pockets) are not so much after Trump...they are after YOU.
- THINK: How you will be dealt with once he's out of their way? This is WHY Trump was elected.
EUrope: What remains of Europe is in the same boat thanks to their 'elites' who have eagerly sold them out for power & profit. Think BREXIT.
- Look at how they have been dealt with by the EUro-Nazis.
THINK: The 'yellow jackets' are part of the 'message.'
- Btw, those yellow jackets have spread to Canada. WHY?
BECAUSE: There is a very clear 'message' underlying all of this, you just have to listen.
- The 'elites' have pushed their 'control OCD' too far. The 'peasants' aka 'serfs' aka 'tax donkeys' get their message from above loud-and-clear. The message being responded to is this: YOU don't matter! Only WE matter!
The normal human reaction to this inhuman hubris is obvious. Torches & pitchforks.

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Alex G said...

I believe the pic of Obama and Soros has been proven to be photoshopped