Sunday 2 December 2018

This should be investigated instead of Russian red-herrings................from Rico

I understand the frantic efforts to use the 'Russian Collusion' red-herring to distract from Uranium One and other criminal perversions/corruption of power by the Democrats (C), but like most rational and sentient beings I think that REAL criminal activity should be investigated, prosecuted, and punished.
George "I Hate America" $oro$ for one example.
- His late$t stunt was a ploy to benefit the Democrats, and he funded the 'caravan' [read: invaders] that got so much press attention during and after the 2018 mid-terms. He funded the operation (well, the DNC is broke..but sadly he's not) to benefit the Dem's and this was just another effort to influence an election.
This was REAL, weaponizing the government against the people was REAL, Uranium One was REAL, while Russian Collusion was NOT.
- Watergate was a game of patty-cake compared to Spygate.

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