Wednesday 26 December 2018

Throw me up against the wall, and roger me vigorously.......................from Rico

Benghazi always stunk worse than Cousin Eddie's RV sludge being emptied into the storm drain. It still does. But, it may be worse than any of us ever thought.
- With Obama and Hillary neck-deep in this debacle, how could it be other than a truly shitty thing for America?
God help us every one if even a minute fraction of this is true [Parts 1-6 attached].
- FYI: Davy Crockets are tactical nukes.
A server recovered from Benghazi reportedly contained information that part of the gun-running scheme to Syrian 'rebels' included Davy Crockets.
- Read 1-6 attached, and decide for yourself whether crooked Hillary and that fraudster/closet-Commie-Musloid-salad tosser were capable of such odious perfidy.
Smells like Death Penalty-level Treason to me.
- Makes me want to wish them "Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal. And a Happy New Year.


MMinWA said...

unfucking real-the sad thing is I'm inclined to believe it. Thank goodness I'm old.

Mark Matis said...

Nothing will change for the better until pig hunting season opens, because it is THEY who are at the root of all this fraud, corruption, treason, and sedition.

Anonymous said...

Source? Seems like a fictional conspiracy novel.