Monday 21 January 2019

About that 'teacher's strike'..................from Rico

SFW? The LA 'teachers' went on strike for smaller classes, less work, and more pay? Note the Red flag symbols...
- Puh-lease! For what?
They should all be fired and replaced.
- Remember that these twits are the ones who (a) told parents that their idiotic "ebonics" delusion was the way to go, and (b) are responsible for declining test scores in all critical skills (reading-writing-arithmetic) because they are too busy creating 'thentitive' and obedient good little socialist stooges with their Leftard brain-washing (which has displaced education and/or learning).
- And not one of them is conversant with either Greek or Latin while being able to confidently discuss "Global Warming/Climate Change" and the 27-genders of rainbow land.

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