Monday 14 January 2019

Adventures of not-so-lucky Pierre...................from Rico

Fed up with being financially sodomized by their self-anointed betters, the tax donkeys are in open revolt.
- Call them deplorables, Brexiteers, don't tread on me, or yellow vests...enough is enough, but the statist-globalist-elites have overplayed their hand, and the average Joe or Pierre has had a nose-full of their shit.
As the servants of the elites largely ignore this and consider it a minor inconvenience, it's not just Macron that had better keep his escape helicopter on standby and warmed-up...and don't they 'usual suspects know it!'
- If they had any wits to begin with, they should be scared witless by now. They have kicked the hornet's nest, and the hornets are pissed.
We enter the 9th week of Yellow Jacket riots across Fwance. Nine weeks, you'd never know it from the sparse media coverage. They have been paying attention to 'important' matters like a 10-year old drag queen.
- Meanwhile, back on a very pissed-off planet reality 60% of Frances speed-cameras have been disabled by the Yellow Vests. Think about that for a moment. Does that sound like a minor 'problem' unique to Paris, or more like a nationwide resistance to abusive government?
The French well understand and know that when government becomes the problem, there is a solution to that problem...Msr. Guillotine.

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