Monday 7 January 2019

Apocalypse Now - The British People Are Doomed..................from Dan T

If the apocalyptic forecast from the globalists in British government and beyond are to be believed one would conclude that the British people are about enter a new dark age of poverty, misery and destitution, should they go ahead and leave the European Union.

There are going to be shortages of everything that the people need to maintain their current standard of living including basic foodstuffs, medicine and money as the economy collapses and jobs are lost. 

Transportation is going to grind to a halt, aeroplanes will be grounded, and the roads gridlocked from the channel ports to the distribution centres across the country.

The people will be reduced to eating their pets, washing in the nearest river and burning cow pats to keep warm. 

The only possible way to avoid this nightmare scenario is for the British people to change their minds about Brexit and surrender the governance of their country to the unelected European Union bureaucrats in Brussels.

These bureaucrats and their puppets in Parliament believe that the British people are not qualified to decide how they are governed now, and in the future, and decisions of this magnitude should be left to them because they know what’s best.

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Mark Matis said...

I have no doubt that the UK could cut a bilateral deal with the US in a matter of months that would give them a better market than anything they get from Europe.

All it would take would be for May to expose the actions of MI6 in interfering with the 2016 presidential election, and their ongoing efforts to oust President Trump since then. That would show the Five Eyes sewage for the putrid swill that it truly is, and also let the American people see just how bad the CIA, NSA, FBI, and DoJ are. Unfortunately, she is not about to do that, no matter how painful things might get for UK citizens, because her Davos and Bilderberg owners do not want that to happen.

Daniel Thomas said...

President Trump has already offered a comprehensive trade deal providing Great Britain leaves the EU entirely. Theresa the Appeasers withdrawal agreement does not do that. I agree she is a Europhile puppet of Davos and the globalists.

I have no doubt that British agencies interfered with the 2016 elections but foreign interference in national elections is now the norm especially in the western democracies. Think Obama in the Brexit referendum and the Israeli presidential election. Also think Soros with his billions.

The deep state is alive and well in Great Britain as well as the USA since both countries are the primary targets of the globalists.

Mark Matis said...

Except in 2016, it was FAR deeper than Barry Sotero's international interference. Five Eyes were gathering details on US citizens and then giving it to FBI/NSA/CIA when those entities could not legally get the info on their own. IN SPITE OF the massive corruption of the FISA courts.

The best part is that Trey "full of lies" Gowdy knew full well about the fraud and corruption before FISA was renewed last year, but did NOTHING to let his fellow congress critters know, and even voted to renew with LESS restrictions.

There are no "good cops". Nor are there any "good prosecutors".