Thursday 24 January 2019

Because.......................from Rico

Remember V-8's? They are now virtually extinct.
- Why? Because the eco-fascists have decided FOR you that you don't 'need' an eight-cylinder car.
Because WHY?
- Umm....uh, to 'save the planet' or something. Well, if Al Gore - noted Climate Scientist - says so (because 12 years ago he said the planet and everyone else was gonna be dead in 12 years!).
-, because Dyslexia Ocrazio-Retardo - noted Socialist politician and Boston College-trained Climate Scientist - says so (having just said that 'like in 12 years we're all gonna die, like it's WWII, and because like stuff!').
OK, pork chops, because YOU say so!
- Meanwhile, the "we're smarter than you" crowd of Socialist kontrol-freaks have already begun a trend of ever-smaller cars. Because!
Because Electric Vehicles [EV's]...small ones...that go half-as-far, and take 5x-longer to get ready to go half-as-far again, will 'save' us all.
- Yep! Good idea! But they constitute less than 1% of all car sales, and nobody has yet figured-out how to make them at a profit [read: without yuge subsidies, aka wealth-transfer from taxpayers aka 'TAX'] but we 'need' them because everyone is crying for vehicles with better gas mileage than those awful V-8's...or V-6's...or, well you 'get it' by now, because 'save the planet' plus Mommy-government mandated CAFE standards requiring smaller Briggs & Stratton sized engines for cars with dual drive-trains AND lotsa super-toxic batteries.
So, adios you "beeg evil" gas-sucking V-8's and say hello to your new 'little friend' the second-smallest car made by Chevy [read: GM aka Government Motors] the 2019 SONIC.
- Because you simply cannot yet afford the hefty price tags [read: tax] on an EV, you'll be driving something like this gas-guzzler instead.
- Because the perfectly adequate140cc Briggs & Stratton engine (which is OK for mowing your lawn, so is OK for your driving pleasure) in the kind of car the Gummint will (a) 'allow' Detroit to build, and (b) 'allow' you to buy, is (c) what you'll soon be stuck with. Because.
PS - Did I neglect to mention that Green is the 'new' Red? It is. Because.

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Francis W. Porretto said...

V-8s extinct? They seem to be represented in several current American auto offerings, if less common than they were a few decades ago. As gas prices decline perhaps we'll see a resurgence of V-8 powered autos. At any rate, I have two of them -- and nobody had better threaten them!