Saturday 5 January 2019

Congress: From Banquet of Consequences to.....................from Rico

The 'new' unimproved US Congress is worse than useless, it is dangerous. As we watch the 'Banquet of Consequences' brought to America by the generation that ate Tide-pods and snorted condoms morph into a 'Feast of Tourette's' consider:
- The Dem's consider Socialists like Alexandria Dyslexia-Ocrazio and Kyrsten Sinema (the US Senate's 'historic' first female bisexual Marxist Senator...there may already have been a number of 'males' fitting that description, but we haven't space or time right now), and financial criminals like Maxine Waters worthy of managing the nation's purse-strings.
Yep! Anything is A-OK, so long as you're a loyal Party (Democrat-Socialist) member. If you toe-the-line of what Orwell called 'the Inner Party' then things like these are 'minor peccadillos' that allowances are readily made for: 
- Sexual deviance/perversion
- Thievery/corruption
- Tax cheating [Al Sharpton's overdue $6 million owed]
- Murderous Treachery [Benghazi]
Bon appetit' America, eat hearty...

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Anonymous said...

Thank the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill for the composition of the new Congress. When there is no difference between the jackass, and the jackass in an elephant suit, why buy the costume?